Mushy Brains

You’ll have to forgive whatever happens in this post, for I’ve got rather mushy brains tonight. After too many days of falling behind schedule on my NaNo, I’ve decided to pursue it with renewed vigor, and see if I can hit the desired 30,000 by Wednesday night. That’s a tall order, as it’s about twice the number of words I have now. But I’ve managed to spit out almost 3,000 tonight, and after writing this, which is my little attempt to come up for air, I’m going under again.

But why bother with such mushy brains, you might ask?

Although it can seem rather daunting to write anything with a bad case of mushy brains — by which I mean, brains that have been squeezed a little harder than they ought to be squeezed — it’s also rather daunting to do anything else. I’m stuck in hazy, post-writing exhaustion, and I’d be hard pressed to focus on chores, work, or the plotline of a book or movie. So if the brains are going to be mush regardless of what I do, I might as well smear them around on the page for some more words. It’s NaNoWriMo, after all. Quantity is everything. Quality is . . . for another month.