Editorial Services

I have more than two decades of professional editing experience, and in that time I have edited millions of words. Below are some of the services I offer, along with rates. If you have something in mind that’s not on the list, please contact me for further discussion and/or a quote.

Photo credit: Nic McPhee
Photo credit: Nic McPhee

For Creative Writers

Do you write memoir, personal essays, short stories, or novels? If you’re “stuck” on a project, have been looking at  your own work too long to see what needs changing, or want to bring your manuscript to the next level before self-publishing or submitting it to agents, editors, or publishers, a pair of professional eyes can really help. Agents, editors, and readers WILL judge your competence as a writer — and your credibility — based on your prose and your grasp of language conventions. You owe it to yourself and to your project to create a piece that is as readable and error-free as possible.

My areas of expertise are memoir, self-help, religion and spirituality, fantasy/science fiction (all sub-genres), literary fiction, middle-grade, and young adult. If you write within a genre not listed (such as mystery, romance, or western), I can still give you a high-quality edit, but you may prefer to go with an editor who knows the conventions of your genre better.

The type of service you choose will depend upon where you are in your process. Do you have a jumble of vaguely connected ideas, a first draft, or a fairly polished piece? Feel free to get in touch if you’re not sure which service is best suited to your project.


With a critique, you get “big picture” feedback on your manuscript. What are your common issues and “blind spots”? What are the strengths and weaknesses with your characters, plot, setting, language, pacing, or themes? What “works” in the manuscript, and what doesn’t? When you choose this service, I will return a detailed written overview of your work to you, but I will not touch the manuscript itself — you will get no direct comments (such as, “This scene moves a little slowly — I suggest cutting these two paragraphs”) or line edits.

Rate: $25/1,000 words

Line Edit

This is my most comprehensive edit, and the one you will probably find most useful if you’ve completed a good draft but are unsure where to go next. With this service, I will edit your draft directly using track changes in Microsoft Word or Open Office. In addition, I will include reaction comments and suggestions throughout the entire piece, covering everything from stilted dialog to inconsistent naming. At the end, you will also receive “big picture” feedback similar to what I give in a critique.

If you have a longer piece and are worried about affording a line edit, I recommend paying to get comprehensive work on the first few chapters. Many writers make similar mistakes throughout an entire manuscript, so a shorter edit can give you a sense of what to look for when you work on your piece on your own. However, if you are planning to self-publish or submit a full manuscript to an agent or editor, there is no replacement for a clean, professionally edited piece.

I offer a free 500-word line edit with this service to give you a feel for my editing style and whether I would be a good fit for your project.

Rate: $35/1,000 words


This service is for writers who have brought a piece through multiple drafts, who are satisfied overall with the content, who may have already consulted an editor for big picture issues, and who have a good grasp of grammar and usage. A proofread is that final look to catch missing punctuation, inconsistent capitalization, or lingering typos. When I do a proofread, I go through your manuscript with a fine-toothed comb with the goal of making it internally consistent and error-free. This service is NEVER appropriate for a first draft.

If you order a proofread and I feel your piece has too many underlying issues to be ready for this level of correction, I will let you know.

Rate: $25/1,000 words

If you are unsure which service you need, please contact me to describe your project and get feedback.