Writing as Nourishment

“My friend thinks of writing as digestion. For me, it is that and more. For me, writing is food itself. I need a certain amount of writing to stay healthy.” – Julia Cameron, “This Writing Life,” The Right to Write.

And this reminds me of something Jacqueline West said earlier this week in her chat with New Moon Girls.

“I do like writing (or LOVE it, really), but often I write because I just can’t help it. It’s kind of like saying ‘Do you like food?’ Yes, I like food — and I really, really like chocolate and raspberries and pizza — but I also NEED it. And there are some kinds of food I don’t like as much, just like there are some difficult things about writing. But there’s nothing in the world I’d rather do.”

Amen to that, Julia and Jacqueline. And yum!