Win a Professional Novel Critique

So, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my current novel won’t, in fact, be ready this year for Delacorte Press’s Young Adult Novel Contest. I didn’t expect the plot to take such a different course during the rewrite, so I feel as though over half the novel is really still a “first draft” (a first draft with these particular plot elements, at least). I’ll have to give it at least one more good spit-and-polish before I share it with anyone.

But what if I could get a professional spit-and-polish? I AM going to enter it in Wordhustler’s Literary Storm Contest. For a $10 entry fee, you can submit the first 50 pages of your novel to judge (and literary agent) Danielle Chiotti. The winning entry will go on to a free professional critique from Joyce Sweeny. I was debating between submitting the first 50 pages of my current novel and my most recent adult novel, but both Danielle and Joyce seem partial to YA work — the head of Danielle’s agency even mentions particularly liking “real-world” novels with one “fantastic” element. I happen to have just the thing.