What I'm up to Now

I’m excited to be starting this blog and have decided my first post will be a quick snapshot of what I’m working on right now in my writing and editing life.

– I’m working on an article for the Bi-Women Newsletter, due November 15th.

– I’m participating for the third time in National Novel Writing Month. I’m about 1,500 words behind schedule, but I’ve hit the 50,000 word goal both times I’ve participated, so I’m optimistic. I write young adult novels during NaNoWriMo because they have story arcs that can usually be nicely developed, and possibly completed, within 50,000 words. I also love reading and writing young adult literature, and this is a good opportunity to do it. This year’s novel is more autobiographical than anything I’ve written before, which will be an interesting process to observe.

– I’m doing freelance editorial work for New Moon Girls, especially surrounding the web community at NewMoonGirls.com. New Moon Girls is a girl-centered, girl-created resource where girls can reach their full potential through self-discovery, creativity, and community. Full-disclosure: until last month, I was a full-time employee of New Moon Girl Media and held editorial and management positions within the company. Although I left to pursue freelance work full-time, I’m tickled pink that I get to continue working with them. I fell in love with New Moon Girl Media the first time I read a copy of New Moon Girls magazine in 2001, and if you check them out, you just might fall in love, too. If you have a girl-child in your life (or even if you don’t), I definitely suggest checking them out.

– I’m editing a children’s book for a self-publisher.


– I’m getting comfy in my newly set-up ‘writing space’ and learning my way around my brand new blog.