Upgraded Opportunities for Writers

I’m finally checking all my email accounts today, and in doing so I came across a couple offers to “sweeten the deal” on already exciting opportunities for writers.

  1. WEBook is hosting a new feature called “AgentInaBox,” which is similar to WordHustler’s submissions feature. Essentially, you put your query package together and submit to an agent through the site;  if an agent is interested, s/he will contact you directly. One of the main differences between WEBook’s AgentInaBox and Wordhustler’s offerings is that WEBook’s is free. However, WEBook currently doesn’t offer the option of submitting directly to publishers, literary journals, or contests the way Wordhustler does (and, for the record, Wordhustler still contains the most extensive market list I’ve ever encountered — online or in print).  And speaking of WEBook, they’ve recently announced the results of their poetry contest.
  2. I recently blogged about Wordhustler’s Literary Storm contest which can win you a professional critique. They’ve added another incentive to the contest: the top ten submissions have been requested by Flatmancrooked to consider for publication. I can hardly wait to send my 50-page submission off (while short story, poetry, and essay contests seem to abound, novel contests are much rarer, which is why I’m so stoked about this one).

Now, off to dig through the other 20 emails in my writing account!