The Vatican and eBooks

I love it when two areas of my life converge serendipitously with one another. Last week, one of the publishing newsletters I subscribe to ran this story about the Vatican’s decision to start publishing eBooks.  And today, I wrote this blog in response to it. The best part of all? That story was literally like the answer to a prayer. I knew I had a blog post due today, and I had no idea what I would write it about. I played around with some ideas while I walked my dog, knowing deep down that I was pretty sure I’d written nearly identical posts in the past (although people are used to me fixating on certain issues at that blog, which is something that bloggers do, after all.) Then I decided on a last ditch effort to see if I found anything inspiring in the “Catholic blog” folder in my gmail … and I found this story emailed to myself, with the note, “You might want to write about this for the YAC blog.”

Why, thank you, self!

Moral of the story? 1. The Vatican is way off when it comes to reaching young people and; 2. make sure to keep tidbits of inspiration … and remember to look at them again later.