The Joy of a Good Edit

Yesterday, I received my edits of “The Man in the Mirror” from QueeredFiction. I was a bit nervous to open the document. Although I’ve been heavily edited when I’ve written something “on-the-job,” this is the first time my fiction has been edited for publication.

But as someone who spends a lot of time in the editors’ seat, I should have reminded myself that, “The editor is your friend.” I was pleased with the edit of “The Man in the Mirror.” It definitely made the story stronger and tighter. It was edited enough that I knew the editor took his job seriously, but not so much that I felt like what I’d produced originally was just a stinking pile of you-know-what. Interestingly, his main edit was to drastically cut down a section I had already drastically cut down from earlier drafts. It just goes to show how valuable a fresh set of eyes is, and also reassured me that I was on the right track with my revisions, even if I didn’t take them as far as I should have.

Along with implementing the edits, I was charged with writing a 30-word blurb for the piece. I’m pretty sure writing the blurb is harder than writing the story itself. After about seven attempts, here’s what I finally came up with:

In a world of declining male birthrates, Gina moves to a polygamy-practicing Ranch searching for love. When Gina’s marriage fails, her best friend Andi takes drastic steps to make sure Gina’s dreams of love still come true.

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