The best-laid plans

Before I began freelancing full-time, I had a precise plan for scheduling my time. From 8 – 10 am I would work on my writing; from 10 – 2 work for one of my primary clients; and from 2 – 6 for another primaryclient. On Fridays I’d seek out new opportunities and spend time with any “overflow” work. It looked so good in my mind, but I learned very quickly that life — phone calls from insurance companies, meetings with current and potential clients, even sleeping! — does not fall into such a nice schedule. As a result, I’ve missed several Friday “opportunity” investigations.

Maybe it’s the higher tolerance for paperwork since the accident, but somehow in this past week, I’ve managed to make up for all that lost time.

  • I’ve applied as a freelancer for Harding House, which has been on my list for ages
  • I’ve put in my application with Demand Studios
  • I’ve written and sent a letter as a response to injustice (as I resolved to do here).
  • I’ve started writing my short story for the Queer SF Anthology
  • I’ve gotten in touch with the head of the newspapers in this neck of the wood, who is looking for a proofreader. (No link here, as my hometown is too tiny, and I don’t want everyone who reads this blog to knock on my door. ;)).  

Until I’ve received some sort of payback for all the energy I’ve sent out there, it’s all too easy to feel as if I’m getting ‘nothing done.’ That’s why lists are such morale boosters (unless they’re lists of everything that’s left to do — yikes!)