Success is Contagious

I feel a bit sheepish showing my face here for the first time this week on a Thursday, but I live in an area where summer is fleeting, and therefore, precious. I’m taking opportunities to camp and travel when I can, which means I spend almost all my non-travel time doing paid work. But I think swimming in waterfalls and reconnecting with family over all the old junk in the house can definitely be put to future use in writing.

Plain Truth ImageBut, enough about me. I want to give a shout-out to friend, writing buddy, and fellow freelance-writer Jenny Rae Armstrong in this post. Just last week, I received the copy of Plain Truth magazine featuring her article. She writes about what she learned from her successful sale in this post. Long ago — before I actually had my writers group — I thought I’d be jealous if writing buddies published before, more often than, or more successfully than me. The exact opposite turned out to be true. I found when skipping straight to Jenny’s article that it’s almost as exciting to see a friend’s name in print as it is to see your own. And since various members of our group seem to have publishing success around the same time, we’ve confirmed that it must be contagious. Luckily, we have a meeting tomorrow night, so I can soak up the contagion while it’s still nice and fresh. I just hope the incubation period is short! 😉