Submission Opportunities

Just when I think I’m going to settle into a long stretch of just me and my novel, another submission opportunity comes my way, reminding me of my New Year’s Resolution. So, while I don’t have ideas for either of these, I’m hoping I might be able to shake something loose anyway.

  • Woman’s Day/ALA essay contest – has the library helped you save money? Interestingly enough, I have no idea what the “prize” for this contest is, although there must be money involved based on the language in the contest terms.
  • Stories from “lesbian” Catholics about their spiritualities. Lesbian gets quotation marks because I’ve contacted the editor asking whether stories from bi women are welcome, and she said they are. This particular call isn’t posted online anywhere, so I’m going to link to where I posted it in the bisexual LJ community I belong to. Added bonus: a little bit of drama in the comments, oh yeah!
  • And although I’m not going to enter it, I’ll post this poetry contest here in case any of my readers would like to exploit it.
  • And while I was digging through my e mail for that contest, I came across this contest that I had no idea I had. It looks like I can really  milk the queer experience for all it’s worth! (You can, too, even if you’re straight–this particular call welcomes that, too).

And if you had any interest in yesterday’s post regarding entry-level freelance writing, make sure you check the comments, too, where Jenny left some more great insight. I’m amazed at her ability to churn-out article-level stuff on demand. But I guess that’s a skill content writing will leave you. 🙂