Opportunities for Writers: About.com

This morning, I spent my writing time writing out my application to be an About.com guide. Here’s the overview:

  • Guides are expected to write at least 16 pieces of content per month: 12 blog posts and 4 full-length articles.
  • Guides must have experience/knowledge of their chosen field, but About.com seems flexible about where your knowledge came from (i.e.: a youth worker can apply to be a Teen Advice guide even if she doesn’t have a degree specific to adolescent development).
  • Guides earn a minimum of about $600 per month, with the opportunity to earn more.
  • If your application is accepted, you must go through a sort of “probationary” period to see whether you can use About.com’s tools and whether you are a good fit. As far as I can tell, this phase is unpaid.

Check out their available topics to see if you, too, could be an expert.