One month between posts, but I'm still kicking!

I’m embarrassed not to have written here for a month, but I’m not embarrassed about my writing overall these days. It’s going well — that is to say, I’m doing it consistently. Most of my words these days go into my YA novel, which is nearing it’s end, and which self-same end doesn’t scare me so much these days. I think it will come together.

There have also been a few more reviews of “The Man in the Mirror,” including one that refers to it as the “most sincere of the stories” in Queer Dimensions, and another from a reviewer who wasn’t impressed with the collection over all, but which noted my story as “standing out.”

I’ve also got a few interesting freelance gigs coming up. I recently got in touch with a woman I worked with from the Youth Work Institute and will be consulting with her research again, and I’ll be speaking at The College of St. Benedict’s–my alma mater’s–English banquet in April, both paying gigs. “Closeted” is still trying to find its shape, but it’s out of the dreaded first-draft stage, so I’m feeling optimistic.