New, by me! (sorta)

I just added a new page to this blog for writing insights that stick with me from the various writing resources I’m constantly sifting through. Constantly striving to simplify my life, I like to get rid of these items as soon as I’m done reading them — but this page lets me hold onto the best of them (that, along with my overwhelming list of bookmarks).

I’ve also recently written for Young Adult Catholics, a post in memory of my aunt Marian, who passed away one week ago today.

And speaking of young adult Catholics … the manuscript I’ve been working on with the co-editor of the blog went to the publisher one week ago today, too. And now that it’s off my desk for a while, I’m finally returning to my neglected Rumplestiltskin retelling. I’ve found it hasn’t been hard to pick up where I left off, and I’m relishing the excitement of being in the “creative” phase once more. I’m on the homestretch — a few more pages, and I’ll be able to write those magical words, “the end” (of course, we writers know it’s never really “the end”). Perhaps I should make it a goal to be finished with draft one by Valentine’s Day and present it to my fiancé, who gave me the initial idea for the story.