National Poetry Writing Month: Magnetic Poetry

Not feeling very intrinsically inspired to write poetry last night, I finally whipped out the magnetic poetry for some help:

National Poetry Writing Month Magnetic Poetry, April 26, 2009
National Poetry Writing Month Magnetic Poetry, April 26, 2009

Poems always look more fun as magnets, but in case that image is too blurry, this is the poem:

This storm is

hard music

to face:

A metal rain hurricane.

Water kisses fire;

naked smoke sizzles,

only teasing

the velvet wildflower

beneath your microscope.

I was up way too late doing this last night; I always forget how LONG it takes to make magnetic poetry, especially since I have a fairly large set. In addition to the official MagPo artist, romance, rock&roll, and erotic sets, I also have a set that came with my magnetic poetry journal and various sets not manufactured by MagPo, including a “faith” set, lots of Valentine’s Day sets, and, my personal favorite, some biology-themed set from my former room-mate. I love having words like “genome” and “DNA” in my repertoire even though it’s hard to find uses for them (you can thank that set for the “microscope” used above). Suffice it to say, these sets can make for some rather . . . interesting magnetic poetry combinations.

If you’re feeling inspired, you can now play with magnetic poetry online. If you make a poem, leave it in the comments!