NaPoWriMo: Ice Storm Poetry

Poem #9: Ice and Thunder

It is a time of ice and thunder
the dog cowering in the doorway
brass tacks on the glass
and trees groaning outside.

Love is an action, not a feeling
this is what Jesus taught us
Their power will be out for days
and I crumple up inside
at the thought of opening the door
on this world of ice and thunder.

Pumpkin soup and bright electricity
keep us warm against the night
The spare bed isn’t just
for watching X-files
through these hours of ice and thunder.

And love is an action, not a feeling
Pick up your cell phone
see what they need
because the power won’t be back on for days
and we have pumpkin soup in the freezer–
enough to keep us all fed
through this night of ice and thunder.

Poem #10: Ice Storm, Day 2

Stayed in the shower too long
soaking up the warmth
didn’t wipe away the steam
to see my face in the mirror.

Cold soup in the fridge
I long to fill my belly
protein bars and canned food
and too many apocalyptic novels

Trucks thunder by in the street
ice cracks
sirens wail

Every hour
I hover over the fish tank
too scared to peek inside
I use a bicycle pump
to force life into the water

Push my feet under my dog’s body
searching for his warmth.
Without the soothing buzz of

heaters and freezers
the medicine cabinet
screeches too loud.

Can’t get myself
to wrap it all up in a box
and send it to you.
I’d rather wrap myself instead.