NaPoWriMo: Did She Make It?

Yes, I did manage to write my three remaining poems last night, much to my own surprise. I had to read them again this morning to see what they said because I was so tired when I wrote them. This is the good thing about a writing practice: at a certain point, you can do it in your sleep! However, I do give those poor three poems a “get out of the worst poem contest free” card. So, here’s the most cringe-worthy poem of the month:

Good Friday

Crucifixes and Roman drums

Sister angry with her fiance


Ice Cream

Make me smile

Working too late

Kitty on my lap

Hoping you’re still alive

The problem with this poem, of course, is that it’s really just a list. But I was at my parents’ place for Easter, where the poems got progressively worse for each night I was there. Writing poetry is not easy when you’ve got your bed set up in the middle of the living room and people are watching Jay Leno and Futurama and anything else that may be on at all hours of the night.