My Writing Resolutions: 2020 Edition

It’s been a bit of a tradition for me since I was a teenager to make “writing resolutions” every year. This year, I have two.

  1. To submit my middle-grade novel taking place during the 2008 recession to at least 10 places — presses and/or agents.
  2. To apply for at least two grants to help me cover the cost of childcare so I can get more writing time. I am interested in the Sustainable Arts Foundation grant, which is for people trying to pursue their art while also caring for children; and the diverse writers grant, which is for speculative fiction writers from marginalized groups (being a woman still counts, unfortunately, but I am also a queer writer who identifies specifically as bisexual.)

2019 was a better year for writing than 2018 — I produced something new (a short story) for the first time since my son’s birth. Here’s hoping 2020 is better still.