My Solstice Resolution

I’m making my resolution a little early this year, because I’m in need of discipline. New Year’s resolutions, like many holiday traditions, can be traced back to early Solstice celebrations, which were a time to “plant the seeds” of intention for future fruit. I’m usually very good at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Let’s see if I’m as good at keeping Solstice ones.

My resolution: if I am at home, I shall not go to bed without having written something.

Several months ago, I wrote about how pets and writing complimented one another nicely. I failed to factor in the “adjustment period,” which I’m still undergoing with my new, canine addition to the family, Syrus (I’m also suddenly and acutely aware that I’m outnumbered by critters three to one). This is my latest excuse for lack of writing, but now I proclaim, no more!!

I have four “serious” writing projects on the go right now: my YA novel revisions, a short story, this blog, and a personal blog about my transition to a rural home. I cannot keep up with three-ish jobs and three-ish pets and all four writing projects. However, working on one a day shouldn’t be too much to ask.

This post counts, of course, so I’ve already got Day 1 covered.