It's Story-a-Day May!

Yes, I know that we’re halfway through the month, but better late than never, right?

Did you know that May is “Story-a-Day” month? Yup, it’s another one of those writing challenges I love so much. This time, the challenge is to write one story every day. How you define story is up to you.

This is definitely the writing month challenge that intimidates me the most, which is probably why I’ve only attempted it once (and I think I only wrote 4 stories). Still, the challenge intrigues me, especially as I continue to ponder the short story form. This seems like the perfect opportunity to pound out all those half-baked short stories ideas floating around in my mind, right?

Even if you don’t participate, the StoryADay website has a great blog, and you should definitely sign up for the daily prompts. They might inspire your writing beyond the month of May … or you can do like I do, and foist them on your students or your writing group. 😉 (I use them for the Teen Writing Group I lead at the library — thanks, StoryADay May, for making my job easier!)