In Observance of Veteran's Day

I’ve been so busy today that the day was almost over before I could write a brief observance of Veteran’s Day. Although I yearn for the day when we can live without war, my heart and gratitude and compassion goes out to all of those who have served in the armed forces today and every day. Here’s hoping for a safe return to loved ones for those currently serving, and the love and support of family and friends for those who have come home from wars recent or in the more distant past. You all have such important stories to tell.

If there are young writers (or older writers who know young writers) in my readership, I want to let you know about the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) essay and art contests for kids who have a loved one in military service. The prizes include U.S. Savings Bonds in various denominations for winners in several categories. You can find more details at the ASYMCA webpage by clicking the links under “November is Military Family Month.” Good luck to all who enter!