Happy Rumpled Release Day!


It’s here! Today is the day I release my first independent work, “Rumpled.” You can buy the ebook exclusively on Amazon.com, and the paperback will be released next week.

I’ve set the price point intentionally low at just 99 cents. This is for three reasons.

  1. I know that I’m relatively unknown, and I want to make it easy for people to “take a chance on me” (cue ABBA song).
  2. The book isn’t very long. It doesn’t seem fair to charge novel-length prices for a novella-length story
  3. My goal with this project isn’t to make money (If I wrote to make money, I would have given up long ago!), but to build a stronger readership. I read a great post last summer in which an author talked about how often she gave away copies of her first book. I’m on board with her philosophy. I’m not even close to the only game in town, and the hundreds of books on my shelves prove that the world isn’t lacking in reading material.

So, if you like fairy tales, retellings, or fantasy stories, give it a try. From a few early reviews:

“Louwagie’s fairytale for adults fills in what the traditional tale has always neglected: motive, heart, moral ambiguity, unrequited love, betrayal. Extremely skilled with discourse (a talent I’ve always admired), Louwagie gives this flat (and eerie) old tale several twists that, after reading, seem like they should have been there all along. I have nearly forgotten the bizarre dancing-in-the-woods-for-no-reason creepy little man: this is the story the Grimms should have written.” – Read the full review at Ever Tales

From Amazon.com reviews:

“I was hooked from the first page, and didn’t want to put it down. This retelling takes a story that is as unsettling as it is familiar, and completely transforms it as is sheds light on the universality of the character’s struggles.” – Read the full review.

“Louwagie weaves a tale that intelligently dismantles stereotypes and gets inside the human heart of the characters and the reader. In ‘Rumpled,’ she does not disappoint in her ability to retain a fairytalesque world while breaking down stereotypes within that genre and challenging the reader’s perceptions along the way.” – Read the full review.

From Goodreads reviews:

“This is a telling of an old tale that’s better than the original. Lacey’s character development of Rumplestiltskin and Emily – the girl who spins the gold — gives readers a window into the complicated motivations that drive each of them.” – Marie Zhuikov, author of Eye of the Wolf. Read the full review.

“‘Rumpled’ is an intriguing retelling of the Rumplestiltskin fairy tale, illuminating just how compelling delving into a story we think we already know can be. Louwagie has crafted a story in which readers are constantly questioning motivations behind actions, providing much food for thought on the complexities lying within a well known story.” – Read the full review.

To learn more about this project, visit my Rumpled page.