Are you a writer in need of funds?

Last Friday, I blogged about using Fridays to follow up on various opportunities I’ve come across that I’d like to pursue. My list of markets and contests relevant to the type of writing I do has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to FundsForWriters, a free newsletter highlighting various opportunities for writers to actually earn money doing what they love.

Usually, I sign up for free newsletters with the best of intentions–to be well-read, well-informed, and generally plugged in to issues I care about. However, in the busyness of day-to-day life, I usually end up deleting those newsletters without reading them, unsubscribing from the mailing list, or redirecting them to my “spam” account (which I always have the best intentions to clear out.) But even when things were crazy in the midst of moving and wedding planning, I didn’t delete a single FundsforWriters newsletter, and I took time to read them all when things slowed down. Yup, FundsforWriters is that valuable.