Freelance Writer Opportunity

My husband’s company, Wimpy Analytics, LLC., is seeking a part-time freelance writer and PR person for their website Below is a description of the position:

Wimpy Analytics, a software startup, is seeking a writing and marketing intern/part-time staff member to become part of a fun, enthusiastic team. The chosen candidate will be responsible for writing blog posts and press releases, researching and pitching to markets of potential interest, and writing short descriptions of prizes to be given away on the company’s flagship website, Time commitment will be about 5-10 hours a week and all work can be done remotely with a computer that has access to the Internet. The position pays $10/hr with long-term possibility for the right fit. The position is open to anyone with good writing skills willing to work remotely, whether or not you are a formal student. An interest or involvement in “geek” subculture is a plus. If taking the internship for credit, we will work with your department to ensure that internship criteria are met.

To apply for the position, please submit a letter of interest detailing your related work/personal experience and qualifications to Please note that this will also serve as your writing sample, although you may supply additional samples at your discretion.

About Coppergoose is the premiere offering of Wimpy Analytics, LLC., a software startup based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It’s a no-strings-attached giveaway site offering the chance to win free goodies every day and catering to the “geek” market (sci-fi and fantasy, role-playing, video and board games, anime, comics, etc.). To learn more, visit

A few notes/a bit of insight from the wife:

  1. Although the job is posted as an internship, this is mainly to welcome students and those beginning their freelance careers to apply, and to let applicants know that Wimpy Analytics is willing to work with academic departments if you prefer. Because it’s not a full-time gig, it may be best suited to students or those who have another source of income. If you are interested in the position long-term or are not a formal student, don’t let the word “internship” scare you off.
  2. This is a fun writing gig for someone who’s the right fit, particularly someone who is interested in geek subculture or software startups.
  3. This is an “entry-level” freelance writing gig — clips or extensive publishing credits are not required — just proof that you can write.
  4. It’s a great, flexible way to earn a little extra $$ each week (who doesn’t want that?)
  5. I would not post this on my blog if I couldn’t stand behind it as a legit freelance opportunity. (Nor would I marry a guy who was a jerk to the people he works with.)
  6. Ivan (my husband) and his business partner are enthusiastic, fair, intelligent, and laid back. They’re open to working with and discovering new talent.

Feel free to leave questions in the comments below, or to email using the address provided.