Free Access to New Moon Girls

This September will mark my ten year anniversary of doing work with New Moon Girls in some capacity. When I started as an intern back in 2002, New Moon was a bimonthly, black-and-white magazine. Now, it’s an online community for girls accompanied by a full-color magazine, which has recently been made available as an e-magazine as well. Nancy Gruver, found of New Moon Girls, has this to say about the addition:

We’re adding new opportunities, growing our community, and helping more girls join. Plus we’re making NMG more sustainable in terms of our environmental impact and our finances. I want you to know about the changes and why we’re making them.

Along with the changes, I’m asking you to support NMG more than ever and help keep our unique community alive as we innovate and adapt to the changing economy. Since the recession, we haven’t gotten the number of members we need to keep our community financially healthy. We’re very thrifty but it still takes plenty of money and non-renewable resources to make the magazine & social network and get them distributed.

Our first change is adding an e-magazine to the membership choices. Girls can read it, click on the links, share it, print out pages, search it, add notes to pages, and get connected much more easily—but still safely—than with the paper magazine. It works on all kinds of computers + iPads and other tablets including Nooks & Kindle Fires.

And for the months of July and August, you can view the e-magazine for free. I encourage you to take a look, share it with the girls in your life, or consider ordering a subscription or donating one.  There are lots of membership options, including combinations of the e-magazine and online community, paper magazine and online community, or either the magazine or the online community alone. This allows pricing and membership plans that are flexible for a wide variety of budgets and needs.

Here’s how to see the July/August issue.

  1. First, click here:
  2. Enter in the ” Coupon/Token” field : 13413-2010-79688
  3. Leave the “LogIn” & “Password” fields empty.
  4. Feel free to share the link and coupon code with your networks, too!

If you’re not familiar with New Moon Girls, here’s a few things you should know:

  1.  New Moon Girls is completely member supported and doesn’t contain any ads; the reason for this is twofold. One, New Moon Girls is accountable to its members first and foremost — not to advertisers. Two, correlations have been found revealing connections between advertising (especially advertising targeted at girls and women) and reduced self-esteem. At New Moon Girls, girls come first.
  2. New Moon Girls is girl-led. Girls ages 8 – 14 work with adult editors to produce the magazine and the social network. The website and the magazine serve as a place to  showcase girls’ creations–from videos to artwork to poetry.
  3. New Moon Girls builds healthy resistance to inequities, fosters media literacy, and provides a physically and emotionally safe space for girls to explore their identities, needs, talents, and concerns. The online community is adult-moderated, meaning that there’s next to 0 danger of girls encountering online predators or cyber-bullying on

To keep New Moon Girls available into the future, it needs to receive only 30 new memberships or renewals a day. These are a few suggestions from Nancy on helping New Moon reach that goal:

  1. EachOneReachOne: With our current members and friends, we can easily get the members we need. You just need to get ONE friend to join or give ONE gift of membership during the month of July or August.
  2. SponsorAMembership for your school, library, a club or organization you belong to. It’s quick & really easy – plus you feel great helping girls who don’t get NMG on their own.
  3. UsethisEmailexampleEmail is great to share and spread the word—especially to other adults, family and community members. Get ideas from this email or use it as it is to let friends and family know about us and how they can support NMG.

Clickhere for more ideas.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog — now make your next stop New Moon Girls!