Follow-up Friday

I kept my commitment for the second Friday in a row. Here’s what I did this time:

  • Submitted a query about head-hopping to Writers’ Journal;
  • Updated my bio for DemandStudios (who seems to take it very personally that I haven’t written for them in a while — I’ve gotten a “What are we doing wrong?” survey as well as a “please come back!” email);
  • Sent my bio off for the Unruly Catholic Women Writers anthology;
  • and dug through my files to find the one-and-only novella I’ve ever written, with the intention of seeing whether it’s worth dusting, polishing, and sending to Failbetter’s novella competition.

I’m also still anxiously awaiting my contributors’ copy of Queer Dimensions, especially after reading that a friend already has hers (and of course, I loved the mention).