Draft 3, Here I Come!

I’m starting on draft three of my young adult novel, and I’m buzzing with momentum. In today’s session, I

  • Put all my critiques for the novel in order
  • Made notes about “big picture” changes for this draft (something that’d been niggling at me during draft 2 is finally starting to make sense)
  • Changed the title
  • Found a nifty poem to include at the beginning for inspiration, or tone-setting, or something of the sort
  • Revised Scene 1
  • Drooled over the Literary Agency I’d like to send it to eventually

My goal is to have this round of revisions done by the beginning of December.The rough draft of this novel took me a month to write. The second draft took a year and a half. Is five months reasonable for the next round? Perhaps, if there weren’t another November–and the possibility of doing NaNoWriMo–thrown in there.

And writing again means I’m meeting with my writers group again. I haven’t seen them since May, but I look forward to a happy reunion in August. 😀