Books and Busy-ness (or Business)

Yesterday, the day I’d been waiting for all summer arrived: my local library’s annual booksale.

For the first time (at my mom’s insistence), I paid $10 to get into the “pre-sale” and was there when the doors opened. The pre-sale price was defintely worth it — I’ve never enjoyed such a wide selection at a library booksale before! I came away with 44 books for $30 (well, $40 if you count the presale fee, but that’s still less than a buck a book!) Over the next few days, I’ll be uploading my finds to LibraryThing if you’re really curious. The biggest gem was a paperback, like-new copy of The Tale of the Genji, arguably the first novel ever written. I’ve been looking for an affordable copy of this since I edited an article about its author, Lady Murasaki, for New Moon Girls magazine. In other news . . .

  • Speaking of New Moon Girls, a few days ago I posted about their donation campaign, in which you can donate to give New Moon Girls to libraries, schools, or girls’ organizations. If YOU work for or know of a library, school, or organization that should be the recipient of a New Moon gift, you can email New Moon to put your name on the list.
  • I recently received my second high-scoring review from Scribendi, the editorial services company I contract with. This means I’m being “promoted” to a higher service level, and that I’ll have access to more orders. If you’re ever in need of a good edit, Scribendi provides high-quality (if I do say so myself) edits at rates that are cheaper than most private editors.
  • Despite the 44 books that cheerfully opened this entry, I realized when I got home that I’d forgotten to pick up a book about gardening to help me turn my brown thumb green when I have the land to plant on. So, yes, I’m going to the book sale again today. Wish me luck — or restraint!