Are Moving and Writing Incompatible?

So, here it is: moving week. A fellow writer wondered how much I’d write in these moving weeks, and I took it as a bit of a challenge. However, I’ll be the first to admit that writing is not my first priority right now. Packing boxes, tying up lose ends, staying in touch enough with my clients not to disappear from their radar, and seeing friends one last time are (oh, and attending to my kitties’ stress about the move). This blog may be indefinitely in hiatus, since what will happen when I get to my new home is anybody’s guess (I’ll have a houseguest waiting for me as well as a wedding to help out with, a few work commitments, and unpacking). While getting Internet set up will be a high priority, I don’t know exactly how long it will take to get it going. Things like that tend to take a little longer in rural areas.

However, I’m still writing almost every day. The last time I went through a major life transition, I decided to document the experience to keep myself from totally disengaging from my emotions. It worked wonders for my mental health. So I’m trying to repeat the formula, and I’ve begun a writing project to document this transition. If we’re supposed to write about our obsessions, right now, I’m pretty obsessed with my own life. That will change once I get settled, but for now, it feels good to still be producing some words every day.