An Anniversary and a Free Kindle Day for Rumpled

RumpColorEmilyletterss AlternativeToday is the second anniversary of the day I married the love of my life. In honor, I’m making today and tomorrow free Kindle days for Rumpled, my novella retelling the story of Rumpelstiltskin. The book is dedicated to my husband, who asked me a question that got the wheels turning toward this story. You can read more about that in my guest post for Hopelessly Devoted Biblophile’s blog.

Just a few months into my marriage, I wrote about why marriage was good for my writing. I still find all these things to be true. My husband is a software programmer who gets paid for his skills, but really wants to use them to build something of his own. This pretty much exactly mirrors my own situation, as I use my writing skills to make a living, but really cherish them for allowing me to tell stories and capture my experiences, which only brings negligible income. Still, I feel very fortunate to have found a mate who understands this balance, and my need to create for the sake of creation. Recently, he has changed his work schedule so that he “front-loads” all his hours in the first three days of the week; then he spends Thursday and Friday working on his own stuff. It makes me envious to know he’s pursuing his own projects on Thursdays and Fridays, so his new schedule has motivated me to make a change in mine, too. I like to do a little writing every day, whereas he likes to work for long stretches at a time, so I’m going to be a little more relaxed with my schedule and try to get all my paid work for the week done by Thursday. Then I can devote Friday to writing. I used to do this when I worked Saturdays, but since I stopped working weekends I lost the habit. I want to get it back, and found this kind of “front-loading” to work last week so that I only had minimal paid work on my plate on Friday.

Unfortunately, this week I’m getting a very, very late start, due to getting home late last night after we were out of town for the Easter weekend. But I won’t be too bummed if I have to do more work than I’d like on Friday, because this weekend Ivan and I are taking a combined “creative retreat/romantic getaway” at a Bed & Breakfast to celebrate our anniversary. I can hardly wait for a whole weekend to devote to both loves of my life — my husband, and my writing.